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Compliance Legal Review of Fund Documents

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Complete legal review of your offering document, fund operating document and subscription agreement for compliance with new FINRA rules, Dodd Frank and the Jobs Act and any other required updates.

Plus a FREE half-hour consultation with securities/hedge fund attorney regarding implications of the Jobs Act for your Fund and any other questions; Changes or updates will be additional – flat fee quote or hourly rate available.

On April 5, 2012 the Jobs Act (the “Act”) was signed into law by President Obama. The Act is a landmark piece of legislation meant to modernize aspects of the securities laws and facilitate capital raising. Among its various provisions, the most significant for hedge fund managers is lifting of the longstanding ban on general solicitation and advertising under Rule 506 of Regulation D. Before its passage the marketing of interests in private funds was restricted to prospective investors with whom the manager had a pre-existing relationship. Managers seeking to actively promote their fund had limited options other than entering into, often onerous, fee splitting arrangement with registered broker dealers to facilitated introductions. The repeal of this limitation is likely to have a profound impact on the ease with which, and the ability of, private fund managers to approach, and advertise to, U.S. based prospective investors. The Act is also likely to encourage foreign based managers, who have regarded U.S. investors as hard to reach, to re-evaluate their stance and take a more active approach to attracting U.S. based capital.

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